Sunday, June 5, 2011

Seasons Change

Last week marked a new chapter for our sweet family.  Or as many of us like to say a "new season".  Which is just a way of putting things so as to remember that they will not last forever.  Just as the heat of the summer will soon pass, so will these days. So  in this "season" of my life I am not only the wife of a chiropractor, I am also the assistant of a chiropractor.  Well assistant/receptionist/office manager or all of the above at any given time Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Yes, for a brief period of time I have taken over Precision Spine Specialists.  Our sweet Sharliss has moved on to a new season of her life and as a result, here we are in a new phase of our own. 

I will not lie to you, because as you already know I am just not good at it.  This season, just as the last few that we have lived here in TN (speaking of both the literal seasons and the life seasons) is not my favorite.  It is hard and exhausting and I miss my kids and they miss me.  I will say that there is something fun about being in the office with Doc all day, even though I do not really see him while we are there. But the truth is friends, in my heart and soul I am a mama.  A stay at home, raise your kids, make the dinner, clean the bathrooms mama.  All day, every day, and I LOVE IT! I get that it is not for everyone, but it is for me 100%! 

This season, phase, time whatever you want to call it, will be short. I will work until we find my sweet Doc the right person to help him there so that I can be home.  I will go in everyday and get my butt kicked right along side him because that is what I do best, support my sweet husband that is working his tail off for us.  I won't complain (okay maybe I will complain a little bit) but overall I will do it with a smile on my face.  I will miss my babies and try my BEST to make up for it when I have time with them no matter how tired I am.  I will stand faithfully, knowing that my Lord is right along side of us making sure that we have what we need.  And soon, I hope, I will be back home in my pj's at 8 am sitting on the sofa kissing on the heads of my baby girls and trying to figure out will it be the sprinkler or the pool today??? Hmm....what a tough life I live.  ;) 

So friends, for those of you who have called and wondered where I am, there you have it.  I am up at 6:15AM getting ready, making breakfast and heading to work until 6PM (or 6:30 or 7 depending on the day) and hurrying home to see (and feed) my babies before they have to go to bed!! Oh, and if you are wondering where the girls are for those 12 hours, they are a home having a BLAST with Aunt Kasey.  We are SO blessed she is able to help us!!! That is it for now.  Plan to hear from me in about month if you are waiting for a call because all of my spare minutes are going to my babies until I am back home with them!!

Have a GREAT summer friends!