Friday, May 13, 2016

Happy 7th Birthday Presley

Dear Sissy,
You are 7 and my heart can barely take it.  Happy Birthday Sunshine.  Your 7th birthday was so much fun!! We had a party at the park with 28 kids!! It was amazing.  There was a pinata and bubbles and 65 cupcakes.  You loved every second of it.  Your friends from school came and daddy took a half day off of work to be there.  Ms. Robyn helped mommy get ready. Everything was perfect and the rain held off!!!

At 7 you are so much more than I ever dreamed.  You are beautiful and kind and smart and so very talented.  You play the piano with such ease and grace and you have no idea that it is your gift, one of many.  You love with your entire being and your smile shines Jesus in a way that all people want to talk to you and hear what you have to say.  Your daddy says you are not made for this world and he is right. Your heart is different than the rest of ours. It sees only the good and believes only the best, it will be broken many times but it will change lives, I am sure of it.

I wish somehow I could bottle your attitude and your sweet soul, the world needs more of it.  Right now you love Jesus and Kat the best.  You love piano and Spanish and you do very well in school.  Your teachers say you are a light and you have made many friends.  You just started gymnastics, and just like everything, it seems to come easy for you.  The best part of you, is that you don't have any idea how incredible you are.  You just think everyone is as amazing in their own way.  You went through the first Suzuki book in 7 months, rather than 15-18 which I think is about the time it takes most.  You can play and sing piano at the same time and specifically play Adele's "Hello".  You and Kat harmonize very well together.  You love pink and purple and dancing and cartwheels.  You love animals and outside and bubbles.  You excel in spelling and math and music and Spanish and basically anything you put your mind too.

You are a gift.  A gift to all of us, but especially to Kat who takes the world too seriously. You make her laugh, she needs you almost as much as she needs air.  Josie is your buddy's you guys play well together and FIGHT well too ;) Your favorites are mama and Daddy but running a close second is Janet and Big.  Big calls you "The W" You LOVE Papaw and Uncle Brett too.  Savannah and Laila Burkes are your best buddies, but you make friends with everyone you meet.  Your favorite movie is Big Hero 6 but you have not seen the new Jungle Book yet and I am sure it will win out.  You love Taylor Swift and Adele but music of any kind makes you happy.

We are going to dinner tonight with Mr. Kendall and Ms. Aby, you love them both.  You picked Sopapillas.  It will be a fun night.  Our lives are blessed.  We have a lot of fun and daddy works hard to make sure that we get what we need and gives us just about everything we want!! Oh!! Ginger, your kitty, she had 4 really cute kittens ;) You are in love.  But I do not think we will keep any this time.  Sorry, kiddo.

Before I know it you will be 8, but you will still be my baby girl.  You promised you would.  I tell you all the time how gifted and special  you are and you just smile and tell me :there is always someone better mom".  Maybe that is true, but I have yet to meet them my sweet girl.  Happy 7 th birthday Presley Rose.