Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Tiny One

Dear Josephine Hope,

Happy 1st birthday my tiny girl.

First birthday's are always so much fun for us.  We stop and look at our sweet girls, each of you different but wonderful, and we celebrate milestones and accomplishments you have made over the past year.  This year, on your first birthday we celebrated all of these things and more.  We celebrated life, miracles, and an amazing God.  We celebrated the reality of the power of prayer.  The presence of the Holy Spirit.  The healing hands of our Jesus.  We celebrated a little girl who has touched the lives of hundreds.  We read over 75 cards from people all over the United States and into Canada.  People that have fallen in love with you and have never met any of us.  And though it was a smaller celebration than you deserved it was complete with your sisters who had hand picked the decorations, your daddy and I who have spent a year loving you and caring for you as best that we know how.  Aunt Sissy and Uncle Robby who represent all of the people that were not physically close to watch you grow, but who prayed for you daily and love you.  And Ms. Shannon and Uncle Brett who loves you like you are his.

In the spring we will have a BIG party and invite everyone that wants to see you and meet you!! I am looking forward to allowing all of those who have prayed for you to get a glimpse of what a true miracle you are!!!

Josie Hope you are one amazing little girl.  You are tough and full of piss and vinegar.  At 1 you are about 13.5 lbs and 27 inches long.  You have no teeth, no hair and you are not eating solids yet. You are however crawling, pulling up, taking steps holding on and climbing stairs!  You have a smile that lights up a room and you are generous with it.  You are loud and demand attention.  You have a temper that I am certain got you through the first four months of your life, but oh my are we in BIG trouble.

You love your sisters.  You want to be involved in everything that they are doing, and when you are too small, you are MAD!!  Daddy and Uncle Brett coming home is your favorite part of the day! Both of them get BIG smiles and lots of talking.  You love to talk to Big and Janet on the phone and you give them lots of giggles and talking as well. 

But the truth is my sweet one, you are your mama's girl.  You love them all, but I am who you want and there is no changing your mind when the time comes.  I am certain your big brother has a lot to do with that.  I am guessing he told you how much my heart needed a baby that clung to me like I was all that they needed. A little person that needed me so much that I felt like I was making up for what I wasn't able to do for him.  You have healed my heart in ways I never knew possible.  What a merciful, graceful God we serve Josie. 

Your life and your presence have changed us.  We are a different family.  Our faith is different, the way we love is different, what is important to us is different.  We are forever blown away that we got to keep you and even more in awe of how absolutely perfect you are in every way. 

Happy Birthday our sweet, tiny girl,  We cannot WAIT to see what Jesus has in store for you.
Mama, Daddy, Kathryne and Presley