Sunday, February 21, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday Josie

Happy 3rd Birthday Josie!!

Josie.  Mama is SO SORRY!! She is writing this months late.  Our November 2015 was CRAZY and I just never got to write!!  But, you are THREE!! Oh my goodness child you are AMAZING!!!! At your third birthday you were potty trained and talking up a storm. We had a super fun birthday for you.  It was the first real party you had so daddy and I went all out.  We invited some of the people that had prayed so hard for you and walked a long side us during the hardest days of our lives as we fought for you.  The house was covered in Minnie Mouse and her friends.  We had a piƱata and cup cakes and BBQ from Jim and Nicks.  Most of your favorites were here!! Janet and Big and Nana all came. It was a great day!!

At three you are smart and funny and WILD.  I always say you are like raising a butterfly and it is true!! We just got rid of your paci in January. We spoil you rotten and it was just hard for us to take it from you.  You love Disney and your sisters and your daddy. You get up EVERY NIGHT and sleep in our bed and daddy insists he is okay with you doing that until you are 20.  He gives you EVERYTHING you want. Your favorites are Daddy and Uncle Brett and Janet and Big and Nana.  But your sisters are your world.  Josie, you are a gift. A walking miracle that we are BLOWN away Jesus let us have. You love to sing and you are actually very good. Aunt Sissy says you have a gift.  You love anything chocolate and gummies and chips and sauce.  You love pink and purple and basically anything Presley is playing with. The two of you are great buddies and you fight like crazy!!!  Mama is sorry she wrote this late. I will write more often, I promise.  I love you baby.