Thursday, December 3, 2015

What does LOVE do?

Lately I have wanted to write.  But honestly, there are so many thoughts in my head that I have no idea where to start.  I am reading Bob Goff's book, "Love Does" and though it is inspiring, it is somewhat discouraging to me in a world that is full of death and violence and greed. I cannot write about politics because I am all over the map when it comes to how I feel and what I think. And if you aren't one sided, people claim that you are weak. Religion is out. If you love Jesus you're a hypocrite and if you don't you're a terrorist.  I am not really sure that one is worse than the other at this point in history. 

Our world is scary and our lives are full of unknowns.  Media lies to us all.  If you fall towards the right you are influenced by fear mongering propaganda, if you fall to the left it is the sympathy propaganda that influences your decisions.  Personally I am scared and sad at the same time, but again that is unacceptable to most. And then I read Bob's book and I am inspired. Not by Bob, well Bob is inspiring, but not JUST Bob.  I am inspired by my friends who just fostered a 5 week old little boy and those who give their time to food shelters this time of year.  I am inspired by the single moms and by the dads that are working two jobs. I am inspired by the families that bag Santa Claus and give their Christmas money to a family who can't eat this week without it. I am inspired because Bob is right Love Does.  Love does a lot of things every single day.  And while many of us are sitting around angry about what is happening in the world, we are missing out on DOING anything.  This is not to minimize what is happening all over the world.  Because all of it matters and all of it is important.  But it is to say what are you, what am I really DOING about it besides worrying, arguing, or complaining about it.  Probably nothing. 

But you know what we could be doing? Fostering, feeding, clothing, cooking, giving, loving, helping, employing, our friend, our neighbor, our brother.  Friends, we are wasting precious time.  Time that we have been given as a gift.  Time that is short, shorter than we realize.  I think most of us will get to end of our lives, be it today or ten years from now and think "I wish I had DONE more". I know I will. I already think that about my previous 40 years.  (Especially those wasted at my favorite watering hole in my 20's). Because if I have learned anything over the past ten years it is that life isn't about ME or my happiness or what I want or what I think is best for me.  Life is about love and passion and grace and mercy and the love of a God that gifts all of that to us unquestioned. It is about the souls of those people who do not know Him yet. And we are supposed to live that.  To live everyday showing that, shining that, caring about that, focusing on that..  I don't.  It is true.  And most people I know don't. 

Most people I know live for today; for this ball game or that dinner party with little or no regard to those  around them that may or may not know the Truth.  Most of them assuming that they themselves are "in the clear" when Jesus arrives and that God intends then for them to enjoy the rest of the time here on earth.  I pretty much disagree with all of that, but that is just me.  I don't remember anything in the bible talking about enjoying life or my happiness.  Not that I am a scholar. But what I do remember is that we are supposed to be spreading the Good word in this "getting darker everyday" world. We are supposed to care for the orphans and the widows. We are supposed to feed the hungry.  We are supposed to love our enemies and pray for those against us.  That is not to say I think we aren't supposed to protect ourselves and our families at the same time.  So I have started praying for my enemies.  I wasn't, I am now, but I wasn't.  I am praying, literally for the souls of all of those out to destroy this wonderful, beautiful, world that we live in.  I am praying for the souls of all of them.  Begging, pleading with Jesus to save them (and us) from their lost souls.  Praying is doing.  I want to be doing something even when it feels like I am helpless.  Will you pray with me?

Because Love prays and feeds and clothes and helps and DOES.  I want to DO something.  Today. I want to show my kids that today is not wasted. That we can make a difference.  We can shine our light in this community and it will matter.  I want to show them what the power of prayer DOES. What faith DOES. What grace DOES. What LOVE DOES.