Thursday, August 4, 2011

There Went Summer!

It seems like it has been forever since I last blogged even though it has only been months. Months that were long and busy and stressful and that swallowed our summer up like a giant whale in the ocean. We went to bed at the end of May and woke up at the first of August.

June and July were filled with two working parents, out of sorts children, eggs for dinner and me about as home sick as I have been in a long time. Not so much sick for Atlanta but sick for the people that I love that have taken care of me for my entire life. Missing the girls that would have brought lunch to the office on the days that Doc and I were to busy to stop. My sister and Sam who would have taken a day and cleaned the bathrooms or the kitchen because we were exhausted from 45 - 50 hour work weeks that bled into 24 hour care of our home and our children. Missing Meg who I know would have made us dinners for weeks if she were any closer than Canada. Thankfully, about as quickly as our lives became chaos and bedtime went from 7:30 to 9, it was the end of July and we had survived. Prayers were answered, help was found, our girls had been well taken care of by Aunt Kasey who was more help than she will ever know, the business was still thriving and our home, though a little messy, was still full of love and laughter and two people that are completely in love with each other and their girls. Praise Jesus.

July came to an end at the beach for us all and boy was it fun! As usual a huge thank you to Big and Janet who provided a great condo for all three of us and our families. The kids were all awesome, I got to spend a whole week with my sister who I miss more than anyone else here in TN (don’t tell her I said that) and the weather was perfect. Lots of sun and a few days of rain to cool down ;). We spoiled ourselves with grouper dinners and Thomas’ doughnuts and I am pretty sure I am one of at least 4 people that came back 4 lbs heavier!!! It was well worth it. The week reminded me how blessed we really are to have one another, five healthy kids, living and healthy parents and bonds that will never be broken in our marriages and our relationships with one another. I cannot say it enough, Praise Jesus!!

Our return to TN was bitter sweet. Goodbye is never fun no matter how long it is for or how long we have been together. I still cry when my mom leaves and she comes almost once a month ;). But Doc had come home ahead of us and we were ready to get back to him even if it was in our dressed up turd in the city that we have yet to call home. Home is where Doc is, just ask Kathryne. August is here, school is starting, I feel like my whole “summer” was condensed into two weeks. I didn’t get to have Sam or Steph or Kel or Miss up to the house because I had to work. Bummer. But our business did well this summer. We hired some help for Doc and so far she is great! Our patients love him and our numbers are climbing. Truthfully, for two years of work we are kicking ass. Praise Jesus!!

I am sure some of you are wondering if we are pregnant yet, and the answer is no. We have been trying for a while with no success. We are still trying and will continue to do so for a couple more years in hopes that He will let us have one more to raise and love and glorify Him!! There is one day a month that I cry and the rest I am thankful for my healthy girls. I think of all of the prayers I have sent up willing to sacrifice having more babies “Lord, I don’t have to have any more babies, just let Erin keep hers!” “Jesus, I will never ask for anything else, just don’t let my mama be sick” “God the ONLY thing I ask is that you protect these girls and keep them healthy. I don’t need anymore babies, just let me have these for the rest of my life!” I smile at my mom whose doctor was astonished that she did not have breast cancer. I dance when I get new belly pictures of sweet Erin as she closes out her third trimester with healthy baby boy. I praise Him with all I have when I wake up each morning to healthy, beautiful children. Prayers answered. Maybe we will get another baby, maybe not. I won’t spend my life wishing I had more. I will bathe in my blessings and the blessings of those around me knowing that I will spend eternity with all 4 of my children. Praise Jesus!

I am back at home. Working only a couple of days a week to help my sweet Doc keep things running smoothly. Today we cleaned bathrooms, yesterday it was a kitchen scrub down. Eventually I will have the house closer to where it was before the chaos started. And if I don’t who really cares!? Fall will be here soon, we will be SO busy with traveling between the two of us. I am praying that He will keep us safe and that we will remember to enjoy every moment. Thanks for checking in my friends!!



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  1. I have thought about you so much this summer, Mel--partly because I miss you so damn much, but also because I knew that it was a rough few months. Of course, I knew that you'd make it through just fine (you are tough as nails) but I am so relieved for you and your babies that you are back home...where you belong. :-) I love you, my sweet friend.