Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It Is Written.

The last week has been the most emotionally draining of my life.  If I am being honest, which I usually am, my trust was tested and I failed miserably.  I let a human, a mere mortal, shake me.  I let him make me believe that he decided what was next.  That he knew better than anyone the future of my little girl, of my family, of my heart.  For about 12 hours I was broken because of the opinion and words of one man. Pathetic. 

Many of you know that over the last few days Josie has gone from not good too really bad too better.  And on Sunday when we left the hospital the really bad took a hold of our hearts and our minds and we lost the battle with the enemy as he shook us to our core.  We sat at a dinner table, both of us, defeated.   Not praying, not asking, just expecting and preparing for the worst.  That night as I laid awake next to my middle child, comforting her from the thunder, I tried to cry quietly so as not to wake her.  I called the NICU three times, each time the news was the same and the nurse sounded more concerned.  I drifted off to sleep and dreamed that I was at the hospital and they handed her to me as she struggled to breathe and told me there was nothing else they could do.  I held her as she labored begging Jesus not to take her.  I woke myself quickly and I felt like I was dying.  I could not take a full breath and my whole body ached.  I laid there and all I could come up with was "Please Jesus" over and over and over again until daylight.  I am not even sure what I was asking for but I know that as the sun rose He answered.  Praise God for the dawn. 

That morning as I got ready to go up to the hospital and I sat my girls down and told them that Josie was sick.  We had decided that it was the best way to handle things. Our hearts broke having to prepare theirs just in case, but it seemed like the best way.  Presley doesn't really understand.  Kathryne listened, nodded and said "okay mama".  I pumped and I headed to see my chiropractor and then to the hospital. As I drove I remembered something that I have known all along.  And though it in no way lightened the giant weight sitting on my chest, it offered me solace in a time where there was none.  


There it was, I knew it, I could not argue with it.  It has been made more than clear to me over my lifetime.  It is in the very book that we use for all answers.  It is written and I know it and Doc knows it and no matter what we want or what anyone else tells us, there is no changing it.  You see my friends the Lord has already decided if we get to keep our tiny miracle.  He has already made up His mind and written it down. Josie's future, be it one more day or 100 more years, is absolute. Our amazing, merciful, graceful Heavenly Father has made His decision and it is final.  Sometimes that doesn't make me feel any better.  Sometimes I want to decide or at least have a say. But this week, on that day, it made me feel better. It allowed my to breathe for a moment knowing that not only did I not have control, neither did the doctors in the NICU. 

So we here we are in week five of the fight of our lives, in the fight for hers.   We are tired and we are stretched more than we ever thought we could be.  But we know who is in control and we realize that it is all part of a Great Plan. Clearly that does not make us want that precious girl any less, but it certainly gives our hearts rest on the days that we are trying desperately to control the future.  I pray that if you are fighting for something or someone like we are, it will help you to rest as well. 

We are blown away that you read, that you care, that you pray daily for our tiny miracle. Please keep praying. 

God Bless,


  1. God is being glorified through your beautiful daughter and your family. You don't know me at all nor I you(I know Janet from our diet thread is all) but I pray many times a day for 'our' precious Josie and I know that I am praying 'with' many others ... you are all loved and we all pray for the happiest outcome ... God knows and He has brought us all together on this crazy social network for His purpose.

  2. We are and will continue to pray for Josie, you and the family's strength and healing. We do not know what lies in the future or fate so maybe at times we pray for the wrong things..we ask for healing of illnesses and such when maybe we should ask for strength to handle and cope with the situation and whatever happens? I just know what you wrote here touched my heart and my prayers and thoughts are with you all regardless of what happens...I pray you will be blessed with strength, faith, hope and love always.