Tuesday, October 26, 2010

There went October!

I am amazed and frightened at how quickly October came and went!  This weekend will bring an end to the month and a beginning to the holidays that seem to go by like a single Christmas morning.  The month itself has been wonderful in comparison to every other month that we have had since our move to Franklin TN.  I have been healthy, we have made new friends, entertained, enjoyed the wonderful weather and watched the girls play and grow right before our eyes.  It has been uneventful as far as the Hall life goes and we are so grateful for that!!

This entry finds me on the day after a WONDERFUL trip to the beach with my girls and my mama.  We went to Panama City for  five beautiful nights and I cannot remember a better beach trip since my honeymoon.  I am not sure if it was the timing of the trip or the trip itself, but whatever it was I am so grateful to my husband for encouraging me to go, my mama for going with me and my God for timing it just right.  The weather was perfect, the condo was just the right size, the girls were wonderful and had so much fun and the company was low key and offered no stress ;) it was so perfect for my tired soul.   

So here we are back in Franklin on a cool and breezy fall day  The girls are happy to be home but frustrated that our little stray kitty "Beauty" is no where to be seen.   I am praying she shows in the next few days.  We have a busy week filled with community groups, pumpkin patches, BBQs and Halloween.  It should be fun!! God is doing great things in our lives right now.  The girls are healthy and growing up.  It makes me want another baby so badly!! (Don't panic, not yet!).  The business has been blessed and is growing everyday.  And our family as a whole is happy and content.  What more could we ask for?  I am scared to ask!! ;)

There is a presence in our lives, a feeling that we have yet to touch on what God wants us to do as a family.  Doc and I both feel it.  We are just praying that it is revealed to us in His time.  We are trying to keep open minds and open hearts.  Selfishly I think we both have our own idea of what we hope it includes, like more babies :)  But truthfully we know that we are ready for whatever he has in store for us and are looking forward to a new season.

Here comes Thanksgiving, we will be in Atlanta with my family and then it will be Christmas in Alabama.  I am looking forward to family time, but not the chaos of traveling as much as we will be!!  Doc has two weekends coming up that we are going to stay home and we are hoping that one of them includes two special visitors for us! ;)  I am keeping my fingers crossed. 

I am praying for many of you and am so grateful that you care enough about us to read.  I hope this finds you all healthy and happy and looking forward to the holidays ahead!!


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