Thursday, February 10, 2011

Praying for speed bumps.

Once again it is snowing in TN and I find myself wondering why, when we could have picked anywhere on the planet to live and start our practice, did we choose middle TN?  But just as quickly as I begin to wander off my thoughts are pulled back to the real world and what is happening in my life right now, today. 

Yesterday I drove home from ATL after burying one of my oldest friend's mother.  She died entirely too young from a life long battle with diabetes.  The day that she died one of my favorites miscarried her first baby and on my ride home I was notified of the death of a sweet lady that I have been praying for.  Her name was Jacque and she lost a battle with melanoma.  Jacque literally sacrificed herself for her baby girl.  She showed true courage and unwavering faith throughout her pregnancy and battle with cancer. Jacque and I have never met but I will look for her when I cross through those gates and hug her tightly letting her know how much I admire her giving up her own life for the life of her sweet child. 

It seems that the week has been bombarded with bad news, loss, tragedy, frustration.  So much so that I wonder what God is doing up there? Vacation perhaps?  I mean don't get me wrong, He has earned a trip to Mexico all inclusive for at least ten days. But I keep thinking it would be nice if He would check His email while He is there because I have sent Him a few.

As I sit here eating the world's best pound cake that was a late birthday present from my sweet mother in law and drinking a cup of decaf wishing it was spiked with Baileys, I try not to let the anxiety overwhelm me.  But it does.  You see my friends, the week is not over.  It is only Thursday and I am not fortune teller and I cannot see into the future but I do know for a fact that my week and the months that follow hinge soley on one phone call that has yet to come, and it is 12:36PM.  A phone call that may come today, or may come tomorrow, but it is coming and it will still be this week.  A phone call that will change our lives.  A phone call that could impact us for months or years, but will impact us nonetheless.  A phone call that me and my loved ones wait for with anticipation, fear, anxiety and countless prayers.  These prayers have by passed His email, and were left at the front desk of that hotel in Mexico. 

It is days like this, weeks like this that remind me, just as I was reminded last March, that we do not get to choose.  Our gift was life, not control.  Our Lord and Saviour is behind the wheel and we better just hold on tight for the ride and hope that the speed bumps He hits are small and the potholes are few and far between.  I have had my share of speed bumps in the last year and one pothole that claimed a tire or two.  Today, as I sit and finish my coffee I am praying for two things, a phone call and a speed bump rather than a pothole. 

Love and Blessings,


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