Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Golden Meadow Lane

Dear 116 Golden Meadow Lane,

I would like to introduce my family. We are the Hall's and we will be the family occupying you for the next couple of years.  My husband Shawn, myself and my two girls Kat and Presley are very excited to get to know you.  We come from Atlanta, Georgia and we have lived in Franklin for just under three years.  Three years that have been long and hard and fun and exciting all at the same time.  We are a good family, filled with love and Jesus.  We are happy most of the time, even on the bad days and we like easy.  Easy days, easy weeks, easy years.  We appreciate calmness and joy and we accept sorrow and chaos when it comes. All with the heart of a family that lives for the Lord and trusts that His hand is in every move.  That said, we are certain that He led us straight to you and that makes me smile. 

You see 116 Golden Meadow Lane, we are ready. Ready for a change, for a home that suits us and fits us, ready for comfort and peace, ready to make new memories and leave behind some of the greatest struggles of our lives.  I realize that you alone cannot provide that, that the Lord has a plan and without fail it will be completed one way or another. You, my friend, are just a house, but to us I pray that you will become a home.  A home with more good memories than bad.  A home where we can rest and heal and breathe just a little easier for a moment.  A home where the moments of chaos are overcome by the moments of peace. 

So, in a few days you will meet us all.  We will move our clothes and our furniture and fill you up with stuff.  But more importantly, we will be bringing two of the most wonderful little girls that God has created and their hearts.  So as I pray daily for our family and this new beginning I am going to ask you to do your best to provide a strong, safe, comfortable place for us to live.  I am going to ask that you will take care of us and keep us warm and cozy.  And in return I will promise to take care of you and fill you up with all the happiness and love that a family can bring.  In addition to that we will be bringing Jesus with us and He will be in charge of everything, we will just be following His lead. 

I look forward to spending the next couple of years making you our home and making new memories!  See you in a few days :) 

The Hall Family.

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