Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me.

On Friday I turned 37 years old.  I would like to say the it was a memorable 37 but honestly it was unlike any other day we have had recently.  I was home with the girls and Doc worked later than we had planned.  I did have a visit from a sweet friend who always makes me feel less lonely on days that home seems more than 4 hours away.  The weekend came and went and was full of family and fun and the Super Bowl.  I was a year older but I felt the same as I did the day before and the day before that. 

I am the youngest of my friends back home, but somehow have fallen into the oldest category with most of the friends that I have here in Franklin TN.   I have learned that it doesn't really matter.  The women that I am closest too are all wise beyond their years with hearts of gold.  Women that love me just as I am with my big mouth and obvious opinions.  Women that would leave work to help me in the middle of the day or travel thousands of miles to aid in my healing from a couple of long hard years. Women that recognize the hardest days and acknowledge them, each in their own way.  I am blessed by each and every one of them. And the ones that I do not see, I miss more than they will ever know. 

Age has always bothered me, so being home was more fun at birthdays because I am the youngest. I am even older than Doc, so Franklin is not my friend as I age. Truthfully, I just do not age well.  I took 30 really hard and 35 was just gross.  Now that I am 37 all I can think about is how I want more babies and how disgustingly close 37 is to 40.  See what I mean? I suck at this.  My dad has always made a joke at birthdays, "well it is better than the alternative" he says.  And I supposed he is right.  Or maybe not, I think that alternative probably beats the heck out of everything.  But I get his point ;) 

So here I am at 37 with two of the sweetest girls on the planet and the best man I have ever met.  I would venture to say that out of the last 3 years, my 36th was my best so far. At 37 I am healthier, happier and more content than I have been since my moved to Franklin.  For that I am blessed.  So here I am finally liking Franklin, just a little bit.  We are moving out of this house that has beaten us to a pulp for two and a half years into a home that will change everything about our lives here including Doc's commute.  We have two beautiful little girls (almost potty trained).  Our business is successful and our marriage is strong.  I have made a few great friends that have blessed me beyond measure. 

I have absolutely NOTHING to complain about and so I wait.  Not for something bad, just for something.  You see we are not the family that God leaves be.  Oh no my friends, we are, and are happy to be, the family that God constantly tests and challenges.  So what is next?  What will my 37th year bring?  Will it be the baby that we have begged for for 2 years?  Will it be a move? A new venture? A new exciting challenge?  I have no idea.  I am asking but He has not told me yet. So I will be still and wait for my Lord.  Knowing that in Him time He will tell me, show me and lead me. I look forward to my 37th year with anticipation and excitement.  Knowing that He has been preparing me for whatever lies ahead and trusting that He will be right there with me, with us, every step of the way. 

As I wait I will enjoy this time of peace.  This time of contentment.  These Moments of Peace if you will.  I certainly have been looking forward to them and asking for them for a while now. I am delighted that Jesus knew exactly what I wanted and needed for my birthday.  Happy Birthday to Me! ;) 


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