Monday, May 7, 2012

Love, Jesus

It's May. I am not sure how it is already May.  But in a few days my baby will be three.  2012 has been the most peaceful year we have had so far.  I can say that even with the move, the health scare, the business, the family issues, the traveling.  Overall it has been better than the last two.  Easier, more peaceful.   The world around me keeps moving regardless of what is going on in my here and now.  The days come and go and the months pass quickly.  I will wake up and be 38, 39, 40 and my girls will grow right before my eyes.  When I think of it like that I realize that the problems of today do not matter.  I rest assured that the Lord is right there waiting on me to hand them over as I am reminded in Psalm 55:2. So I sit, I write, and I think of my blessings and I hear God. This is what He said.....

Dear Melanie,

Take a deep breath and remember what I have done for you.  Stop and think about where you have been and how many times I have rescued you.  It is ok.  I am here, I love you, and I will not leave your side not even for a moment. 

These days, the good and bad, they are all written.  They are all my plans, my design.  My life on earth was perfect and without sin so that I could bear the weight of yours and I am doing just that, so stop trying to help.  Your life is blessed beyond measure because you have faith in me.  Do not be afraid.  Do not worry about your health, or your girls, or your marriage.  Know that I am in the center of all of it taking great care to make sure it is just as it should be. 

Melanie, you are exactly how I made you.  Your gifts, your talents, your flaws, all of it was my idea.  I treasure you just as you are.  There is no need to worry if you should be better, or wish that you were more because you are just enough of everything for Me.  Your life is filled with people that you will touch.  Some will stay forever, some will go in time.  But all of them will learn something from you.  Be a light.  Show them what I have done for you.  Remember the times that you were lost and I found you.  Remember the times that you fell and I carried you.  Remember the times that you cried and I held you.  Share them with the world Melanie. Be bold!  Do not be afraid.  Do not worry what others think.  You know Me. You know My word and what I expect from those that follow me.  Live in a way which you know will please Me and you will be just fine. 

There will be people that do not like what you have to say, that will not listen, that will mock you.  Yes, I know it is frustrating.  But remember what they did to Me?  Even your toughest days do not compare in the slightest.  The world is not a pretty place Melanie, it was broken long before your time.  You cannot fix that.  You cannot make right all of the wrongs of those around you.  You cannot carry the load of the lost, that is My job, not yours. 

Do not be the same.  Do not smile when you aren't happy, do not do acts of kindness for reward, do not talk out of both sides of your mouth, do not gossip with those that claim to know me, do not mock those that do not know me yet.  Be different and know that I am in your corner cheering you on.  Melanie, I am always here, do not turn to anyone but Me.  Let me guide you. 

I love you,
Love Jesus


  1. Love this, thank you for sharing. And love you...but you already knew that :)


  2. Wow! Thanks for this today. I love you and I needed this very much! I am so proud of you and your faith. You are an amazing daughter!