Friday, November 16, 2012

Dear Josephine

November 16, 2012

Dear Josephine Hope,

Typically I would have a journal for you, just like your sister's. It would be separate from my blog that the world can read.  But my sweet, tiny one, nothing about you is typical.  So I have decided to write and share with those that are praying for you. Oh my sweet girl, there are SO many people praying for you. 

Yesterday you turned 25 weeks.  And to say that is a miracle would be a gross understatement.  Your sweet little body and spirit are stronger than anyone I have ever met.  Your fight for life and every breath you take inspires people more than you will ever know.  Your week has been nothing short of a miracle.  Everyday, every minute, every second you have been touched and healed by Jesus in ways that we did not even imagine possible.  You have had test after test after test and the results have blown us away.  You crossed some big hurdles this week.  A blood transfusion, holding your weight, a brain scan.  It was scary, stressful, emotional for those of us that love you.  But you were strong, you fought, and you did so well my precious girl.  Mama is so proud. 

Josie you are changing lives and hearts everyday.  You are a gift that none of us deserve, a true example of God's grace and love.  By far the greatest blessing most of us have ever received.  I have no doubt that the Lord has great plans for you.  That he has gifted you to lead people to Him in a way that we cannot even comprehend. 

Your sisters are ready for you to come home.  We have explained to them that it will be a while, but truthfully you are already here consuming our thoughts and prayers.  Mama and Daddy and Uncle Brett and Janet and Big and Nana and Aunt Sissy and Uncle Robby and Uncle Michael and Cristin and Sam and Aunt Kasey and Grandma Jo and so many others are all going through the motions of our days but consumed by thoughts and prayers for you. Each of us begging, pleading with Jesus to keep you strong and healthy.  Knowing that He is in control, knowing that He will decide and praising Him as we realize the week that we have spent with you will go down as one of the greatest of our lives. 

Fight Josie.  I'll fight, you fight.  That's our deal.  You are so much stronger than I am, oh what our world will be like when you get bigger.  It is hard to imagine but at the same time it makes me giggle knowing what kind of spunk you will have.  Your poor daddy doesn't stand a chance! I am busy healing, making food for you, and reassuring your sisters that everything is going to be okay.  Daddy is working so hard at the practice but every thought he has is of you and every breath he takes is a prayer for you.  Uncle Brett came to take care of us until you are home. There are no words for the blessing he is to our family.  Jesus has changed us all through you my sweet tiny one.

Mama will be there this afternoon and everyday until I get to put you in a car seat and bring you home.  There are people praying for you that we do not even know, we are blown away everyday by the kindness and thoughts and prayers of them all.  So fight Josie.  Show them what Jesus does when we ask. 

We love you Josie Hope.  You are our greatest blessing.

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  1. Wow! You are a phenomenal example of shining the light of Jesus back into the world.
    We are praying for you and know that your baby girl has already impacted lives!