Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Kat

Dear Sweet Kat,

Happy Birthday baby girl.

You are six and a little piece of my heart is so sad that I cannot hardly stand it.  Six.  Six seems so big to me.  You asked me not to cry, and so I have done my very best to hide the tears that were inevitable .  It goes bad too fast.  One day you are asleep on my chest and the next you are tall and thin and breathtakingly beautiful with the intuition of a 30 year old woman and the soul of someone who has lived for 100 years.  This past year, your fifth year of life, has probably been one of our best.  Our easiest in years.  The three of you healthy, happy, living in a beautiful home that your daddy bought for us.  Josie growing bigger everyday and mama finally healthy enough to play chase or wrestle.  We started kindergarten at home. You and Presley with the same curriculum.  You are both smart.  Reading isn't fun yet, but the numbers and science you seem to enjoy.  You love music.  Right now Danielle Bradbury is your favorite.  But Taylor Swift still runs a close second. You love pink, you love crafts, you love barbies and ponies and anything that sparkles.  You love to shop, which is going to be fun and expensive for your dad one day. 

Your birthday was celebrated with those we love most in TN.  You had a few friends come to paint pottery with you and your sister.  And then we joined the Wilder clan for dinner along with Aunt Kasey, Uncle Brett, and Ms. Shannon at Chuy's (your favorite).  It was a great day.  You were fun, you were polite, you were grateful, you were Kat. 

At six you are many things.  You are funny and silly and rough and tough.  You like to play hard and you love to wrestle with daddy.  Your sister is your best friend. You two are inseparable.  Your hair is long and blond and your eyes are a deep blue that are set like the eyes of a baby doll.  You are beautiful.  You love to dance and sing and are doing both right now at Roots Academy.  You are smart, you are stubborn, you have a double dose of temper and you use every ounce of it.  You are intuitive and very aware for your age.  In many ways that is good, in some ways I think it keeps you from enjoying being a kid.  Daddy says it is a good thing because Presley and I would be in big trouble without you.  He is right.  You are so much help to me.  And truthfully I am tough on you.  I am hoping one day you will thank me for it rather than resent me.  I do know for a fact that you know that I am always doing my very best. 

Kathryne Elaine, you are a gift to us.  An absolute beautiful gift. I am blown away that I get to be your mommy.  I have no idea what you will be when you grow up, but I am certain it will be something incredible.  I love you baby girl, daddy loves you, sissy loves you, Josie loves you and Jesus loves you!!!


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