Monday, April 21, 2014

Resurection Day 2014

You walked upon the water
You healed the sick and lame
A gift from our own Father
A perfect, matchless name.
Your heart was never burdened with the sin that fills this earth
A Man whose death was certain
Whose name so many cursed.
You gladly took my beating
Your blood You freely shed
You wore the crown of thorns that was made made to fit my head.
And then my cross You carried across the hot dry land
Tired and sore and bleeding as you drug it through the sand.
Through your hands they drove the nails for sin that was not Yours
From your beaten body grace and mercy poured.
Home you went, the whole earth shook, they knew what they had done. Fear filled the land as they realized they had killed the Father's Son.
Into a tomb Your body laid as the ones who loved You mourned
There was no way to understand what was next to come.
Three days went by, a hopeless world all shocked from what they'd seen. To the tomb they went to shed their tears but did not find their King!
The Son of God is Risen!
The grave, it did not win!
A victory to be written!
A victory over sin!
And so tomorrow we will wake and praise our Risen King!
Of joy and mercy, of love and grace, of Salvation we will sing!!!
And for each of us the day will come, if we so choose to believe
When we will stand before Your throne and fall down to our knees.
I often think of what I'll say, will I sing or speak or cry?
Will my thank you be enough for You who chose to die?
Until that day I'll sing Your praise and tell the world the news, the Son of God walked on this land and died for me and you.
You hung on the cross, my mighty King, Our souls You came to save. But we shall not mourn, You will be back, for tomorrow You defeat the grave!!!
Happy Easter!!!

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