Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Music for the Soul: #Crowdermusic

Music.  It speaks to us, touches us, reminds us.  Every song, every note tells a story that we have somehow attached to a time and a place in our lives.  I love it.  I bathe in it and have encouraged my girls to do the same.  My husband knows this about me.  He know that it heals me. That is replenishes me.  And so as often as he is able he treats me to it through a new CD or a live show.  Recently it was with two songs at the Opry by David Crowder. It was the Opry, so yes there were other artists.  It was actually a fabulous show. But Crowder was the reason we were there.  Matter of fact I am pretty sure he was the reason everyone was there whether they knew it or not.  I have no intentions of writing an entire blog on how amazing his two songs were.  Or how Jesus seemed to be sitting front and center for that portion of the show that Saturday night.  I don't even plan to go on and on about how you should buy his new album Neon Steeple if you have not yet. But you should.  Now.  Like right now.  Stop reading.  I am not kidding.  It's amazing.  He is amazing. What a gift. 

So yesterday I am on my way home after an evening of shopping with Doc.  He is taking me to something fun and semi formal so I needed an event appropriate dress.  Very seldom am I in the car alone where I can turn up the volume to the level I like it to be.  Loud and overwhelming to even me who happens to have only one ear with full hearing.  So here I am, Neon Steeple in full blast and the sun roof open.  Did I mention you should be downloading that as you read?  I am listening to Come As You Are. Amazing song that speaks truth right to the heart of you. 

Come out of sadness
From Wherever you've been
Come broken hearted
Let rescue begin
Come find your mercy
Oh sinner come kneel
Earth has no sorrow
That heaven can't heal.....

There it is.  Right there.  Truth.  Truth that is so piercing there is no way to hear it and get a full breath.  Truth that draws tears from your very soul that aches to hear it.  Truth that brings flashes of memory that is so raw and so painful that you can barely believe you survived it.  Truth that heals those spots inside of you that have never fully scarred over.  And so I drove, I remembered and once again I wondered what he looks like.  A piece of me overwhelmed with the sadness of a mama who is missing one of her babies.  And a piece of me overwhelmed at the mercy of a Father who allowed me to keep my tiny girl.  Joy meets Sorrow, yet again. I think of my friends that have walked my road; the ones that are deep in the sorrow and the ones that are finally receiving the absolute Joy they have been waiting on for so long, too long.

Earth has no sorrow that heaven can't heal.  I believe that with every piece of me.  I am so grateful that my life has been filled with enough loss and pain that I am able to know it and say it and believe it and teach it to these three beautiful souls that will need to hear it as often as I remember to tell them.  Because one day, they too will need to believe it with their whole hearts.  One day they will experience something that their daddy cannot fix, that I cannot kiss away and it will be then that those words could very well save them from being so overwhelmed with sorrow that they lose a piece of
who Jesus intends for them to be.  That happens you know.  I know people, people that I love very much that have gotten lost in their sorrow, buried beneath their abuse and anger so deeply that the lives they were intended to lead have been set aside like that warm cup of tea that you forgot you made sitting on the counter getting cold and stale waiting to be poured out and never enjoyed.   It is those people that music like this is written for.  They are the ones that it's words are intended to heal.  Beautiful, melodious, words waiting to be heard and heal in ways that no one understands but the Creator that inspired those that write them.  I pray that if you are one of those people you take time to listen and let Him heal you.  Or if you love someone that is lost that you will share them.

Be healed my friends so that you can be who He created  you  to be!! And go buy this album ;)


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