Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday Presley Rose

Dear Presley,

You are 5.  I cannot believe it.  The time with you has been so much fun and so sweet, but it has flown by.  At times I feel like the recent years with you were spent focusing on other things and it makes me worry.  Josie took up part of your third and fourth year and the time seems to be lost.  But you my sweet girl, you do not seem to be phased a bit!! 

Presley you are incredible. You are sweet and funny and silly.  We all talk about how you live in your own world and how much we would like to visit.  there is an innocence in you that I pray that you keep.  Kat is not as fortunate as you to have that.  She is more serious. More aware.  You trust her.  She is your guide to know when you should really worry.  She is your best friend.  

At 5 year a beautiful and smart and funny. You finished the kindergarten curriculum with Kat last year so I will be teaching you 1st grade. You can do basic math and read at a level 1.  You also know the first 32 Presidents.  You love barbies and Strawberry Shortcake and school.  You are amazing with Josie Hope. You love to make her laugh and you are a huge help with her.  

Daddy and Uncle Brett are your buddies but you and I, we are best friends. You are a lot like I was and I am praying that I can guide you into making better decisions than I did early with that carefree spirit that you have!!! 

You love purple and riding your bike (with no training wheels. They came off months ago!)  You love to dance and sing. We are going to let you try gymnastics this fall because you asked too.  Your heart is tender and your eyes are full of fire and love.  You will be something incredible.  I tell you always that Jesus gave you a special heart. I cannot wait to see what He has you do with it.  One of my favorite things in the world is to hear you pray. Oh you are so special Presley Rose.  For your birthday we are taking you and your friends bowling and you have asked for a Snackeez:))  I bet you get one!!! 

Happy birthday baby girl. You are a gift to us and we love you bigger than the sky!!

Mama, Daddy, Kat and Josie Hope.  

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