Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Kathryne

Sweet Kathryne,

You are four years old and in some ways it seems like you were just born.  Your birthday was Thursday and on Wednesday night I laid awake remembering your birth.  I thought about that day and that night.  I smiled thinking of how fun it would be to tell you the story one day.  The story of Uncle Michael and daddy standing in the parking lot at the beginning of my labor talking and expecting a normal night. The story of your Nana and Aunt Kasey coming to visit and you unexpectedly making your way into the world.  The story of your daddy and I trying to stop you from coming and how you, just like you still do, made sure that you got exactly what you wanted.  The story of Janet and Aunt Sissy and Big coming in the snow as quickly as they could so that they would be there when you took your first breath.  The story of Uncle Brett and Sam and Aunt Patty and Courtney making their way through bad weather, determined to be one of the the first to hold you.  It was, it is, a great story.  A beautiful story about a miracle, about hundreds of answered prayers.  A story of grace and mercy offered only from our Creator.  A story of a mama that wanted a baby so badly that her heart may have exploded if you hadn't been born.  A story of a little girl that changed the world for more people than she will ever know.  A little girl that stole the hearts of many and restored the souls of others.  It is your story my sweet Kathryne Elaine Hall and it never gets old and it is always as sweet as it was the day you were born. 

Janet came to visit you right before your birthday and Nana was here to celebrate.  We had "chips and sauce and mole" at your request and I made you a banana chocolate chip cake.  You wore a beautiful dress that Janet bought you, your birthday dress.  Today we had a party with some of your friends.  It was at a place called Story Book Village.  We had a gluten free chocolate cake that Nana helped dress up with marshmallows and sprinkles.  Pink of course.  You wore your birthday dress again.  ;) It was a lot of fun. 

Kathryne, mama and daddy love you very much. You are a sweet, smart, beautiful little girl with a very special heart.  Not a day goes by that we do not smile at the miracle that you are and praise Him from the rooftops for giving you to us.  You are bright and funny.  You are a good sister and daddy is certain that Jesus sent you to mommy to help take care of Presley.  Honestly, you take care of me too.   There are days that I am not sure what I would do without you.   I think we are probably too hard on you.  And maybe we always have been.  You are older than your age in a lot of ways.  If there is one thing that I would tell you it would be to have more fun.  You are serious and you are deliberate in most everything you do.  You are your daddy.  ;)  Our lives are full of pink and glitter and princesses because of you and neither of us would trade a minute of it!!! You believe that Jesus made the sky pink just for you but you are not real sure about Santa Claus.  That makes me think we are doing something right. 

This year we will learn more stuff and have more fun.  We will be silly and messy and drive daddy crazy! We will enjoy everyday that best that we can, I promise.  You want to be a Ballerina when you grow up.  Daddy says that is okay as long as that is your second job.  The first being an U.C. Doctor of course. Time is going by faster than we would like and you are growing up right before our eyes.  We could not be prouder of you. We pray for your health, your heart, your salvation and your future everyday, all of the time.  We trust that Jesus hears our prayers and that He will do exactly what He sees fit.  We look forward to seeing what He has in store for you tomorrow! 

Happy Birthday baby girl. 
We love you bigger than the whole sky.
Mama, Daddy and Sissy.

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