Monday, January 16, 2012

Today I will walk.

Well it seems I got a bit ahead of myself in my farewell letter to 2560 Tom Anderson Road.  I can say that for certain as I sit on the couch looking out back through the screen porch that is weakening as I type.  However, I am not as discouraged as you would think.  You see, we are in fact moving.  As God would have it, my prayers have been answered in His time and at the first of the year we got a letter from our landlords saying that we needed to be out by April 1.  It is January 16th and we already have walls lined with boxes.  Some would call us eager, others would say that Doc tends to be an extreme "preparer" either way, we are well on our way to living out of boxes by the end of January.

In three days my little girl will be four years old.  Honestly, I am glad to have the distraction of moving and looking for a home because otherwise I fear I would sink into a dark depression filled with coffee and muffins.  I will not bore you with "where did the time go" or "my how time flies" because I know exactly where the time went and am grateful that some of it flew right by.  I will say the fact that she is four years old makes it hard for me to breathe.

So here we are looking for our third home in Franklin TN. It is not as easy as you would think.  We have a few things we would like to have and obviously we have a maximum amount we are able to pay.  We have looked all over Williamson and into Maury to meet our requirements and so far we have learned two things 1)The people in this area are VERY proud of their homes regardless of how they have or have not taken care of them and 2) Most people are clearly financially stable and do not NEED to rent. With that said we have not yet found the home that God is preparing for us.  But we will!!

Life has settled down a bit for us which is funny to say in the middle of a move.  I guess that gives you a picture of the chaos that has been our lives over the last 2 and a half years. God has remained faithful in His promises to take care of us.  We have held steadfast in His love and trusted Him even in the very darkest times.  Did we ever waiver? Absolutely. Did we ever stop? Never.  Proverbs 3:5 my friends. 

The practice has been blessed beyond our prayers and imaginations.  The Lord has used Doc in tremendous ways and continues to do so daily.  He sees miracles weekly and we praise Him for allowing us to be even a small part of the work He does in peoples lives.  Doc is tough and works hard.  These girls love him so much and he is a great dad.  I pray that he learns to rest some and that he doesn't forget to enjoy life while he lives it.  We wish he was home more, but we see that in our future and look forward to it.

The girls are healthy and so much fun.  We have decided to keep Kat home one more year and are praying about homeschooling or private school.  We will do whatever He sees fit for our girls.  They are intended to be part of His army and therefore what He says goes!!

We love our church, that and the few true friends we have made since we have moved here make it easier to be away from family. 

As for me, I would say that I am at the most peaceful place that I have been since July of 2009. I am disappointed we are not pregnant and as much as I know it is not up to me, sometimes it just pisses me off.  But other than that, I am as strong as I have been since we left home.  This move, my boy, that baby, these houses, this schedule, no friends, no family, all of it and more pretty much rocked my world.  2010 will go down in history as the hardest year of my life thus far. The year that Jesus carried me everyday because walking was just not an option.  I spent 2011 trying desperately to recover and in many ways I failed. We prayed for the practice to do well and it did. We prayed for our girls to be healthy and they are.  But as I tried to walk my knees were weak and my heart was too heavy and again He carried me most of the way. It was a year spent trying to survive and we did by the grace and the arms of Jesus. It ended with a week long getaway just me and Doc. To say that it was overdue would be a gross understatement.  But I will say it was just what I needed, what we needed.

2012 starts in the Hall house with changes, a new home, a growing practice, and a mama with a body and a heart that is stronger.  It's a better start than the last two years, so I will take it ;)  We are stronger than we have been since we moved to Franklin as a family, as a couple and individually.  Our faith is stronger, our hearts are stronger, our love is stronger.  We will take this year head on in a new home with these two precious children, praising Jesus as loud as we can.  Who knows what He has in store for us.  I imagine there will be joy and there will be sorrow.  I imagine that we will smile and cry and laugh and scream.  I imagine that we will look at our families and these kids and each other and remember what we have already been through and be thankful for each day that is easier than the hard ones that are behind us.  And I imagine that when it is time, He will test us again.  I pray that when the time comes we will have the strength to stand together once more and praise Him in the darkness.

So today I will pack another box. I will look for a house.  I will listen to Jamey and put puzzles together. I will think about what I can cook for my sweet husband for dinner.  I will miss my daddy and my brother and I will anticipate when I get to see Sam and Steph next.  I will smile knowing that my mama will be right back and I will get the end room ready for Nana who will be here on Wednesday.  I will check in on Kelly and chit chat with Brett.  Today I will catch up on my reading for the and giggle as I think about what God is doing with this group of ladies.  I will clean out my drawers and add to the pile going to Our Thrift Store and I will tape up the boxes of maternity clothes and add them to the boxes lining the walls.  Today I will smile as I walk through this house remembering the size Kathryne was when we moved in.  She was 20 months. Today I will giggle as I scrub crayon off the walls and get raisins out of the carpet.  Today I will be grateful for 2010 and 2011 but I will praise Him for 2012 with every breath remembering how faithful He has been and how He has carried me for so long.  And today I will enjoy walking for a while knowing He is walking right beside me.  Amen!!

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  1. Hey Shine Girl. I just googled the blog and your blog game up. :))
    I want to encourage you as my sister in Christ and fellow Shine sister. Bless you in your move and your hopes to have another little one. May God give you joy in the journey. Much love to you!!!
    <3 Numbers 6:24-26