Friday, February 10, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday Presley Rose

Dear Presley,
You are 6.  I cannot believe that 6 years have gone by since that wonderful Mother’s Day morning.  What a gift you were to us then.  Little did we know just how amazing you were going to be. First off I want you to know that for your 6th birthday we got you a kitten and her name is Ginger. You picked her out and you named her.  She is a sweet kitten and you were VERY excited!! Savannah and Aunt Sissy came to visit you for your birthday. Nana and Uncle Brett came by as well.  It was a fun week full of surprises and cup cakes ;).  At 6 you are so much more than we would have ever dreamed. You are smart. You read on at 3rd grade level. You spell incredibly well. You are doing so well in school and are very eager to learn.  You have read 6 chapter books this year and you can label all of the states on a blank map of the US. You love to dance and it is a gift that you have.  Your favorite color is purple. Your favorite person in Kat and your favorite thing to eat is probably donuts ;). 

Presley, you have such a sweet and gentle heart. You are kind and friendly to everyone you meet. You call yourself the Queen of Nice ;)  You told me that you are nice even when you do not want to be so that everyone is happy.  You make us laugh every day.  You are silly and a dreamer and I am SO grateful that Jesus let me be your mama.  With your determination and will you will do anything and everything you put your mind too.  Our lives are good. We have a nice house, daddy’s practice is doing well and we are all healthy. It would be hard to ask for anything else.  You are a great sister.  You love Josie and Kat is your best friend.  You have no idea you are a middle child, I have made sure of it.  You are special in every way. You have these gorgeous blonde curls that get you attention from everyone that meets you.  God has great plans for you Presley Rose, He has told me so.  You keep dreaming. You keep believing that you can do anything and I promise you, you will do everything you ever dreamed of and more!!! I can’t wait to watch. Thanks for being my best friend. Mama Loves you. 

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