Friday, February 10, 2017

Happy 9th Birthday Kat

January 19, 2017
You are 9.  It seems impossible, but it is true. I cannot believe another year has come and gone.  I find myself wondering if I served you well each year as they pass. But then I realize what a fantastic human being you are and I remember that where I am failing, Jesus is succeeding.  I cried this year, again.  I was sad 8 was over. You were a tremendous 8 year old.  Even Ms. Meg said you were the greatest 8 year old she has ever known, and she has an 8 year old J.  For your birthday party this year we took you bowling with 12 friends and your sisters at Kings Bowl.  It was quite the party.  Everyone had pizza and we had Mexican chocolate cup cakes with cinnamon icing at your request.  Your present this year was a sound system bought by us and Big and Janet.  A microphone, a speaker and a mic stand.  It is a pretty awesome set up for a 9 year old, but you have earned it with how hard you have worked.  I’ve done a poor job of keeping up with journaling, so this year for your birthday letter, I am going to tell you what your 2016 looked like ;) 
January – You turned 8
February - Daddy too us to the Disney Magic Show, We had a great painting birthday party, You went to your first Nashville Predators game.
March – You started taking gymnastics
May – On the 15th William was born
June – We had Presley’s Suzuki Party and you sang Georgia On My Mind and Glorious Day
You started writing your first song this month. 
On the 15th you prayer to received Jesus into your heart.
25 – 80’s Show at FBAA and they invited you back to perform the next weekend.
27 – You went to day camp for the first time this week.
July 15 – you started writing “Letter to Jesus”
August – You competed in the county fair competition with Mama’s Broken Heart and were NOT chosen in the finalist.
9th – You auditioned for Once Upon a Mattress in a class of 32 kids ages 11-7 and took the lead.
Sept – We took you to the Carrie Underwood Concert
Oct – On the 1st you sang at the Storytellers Museum with Dan Wilt and Mark Cash in an impromptu performance of My Church.  You stood on Johnny Cash’s’ stage and they were playing his guitars. They invited you back to sing with the WS Holland Band.
Oct 8 – You sang with WS Holland on the Little Stage. This was your first full band performance and you were amazing. 
Oct 11 – I took you to Gigi’s Cupcakes and told you about your period while we ate a pumpkin spice cupcake.
Nov 4-6 You performed as Princess Winifred in Once Upon a Mattress and you were AMAZING.
We spent Thanksgiving at the beach this year with Big and Janet and the rest of my family. 
Dec – on the 7th you went to Simeon studios and recorded Jingle Bells with Presley and Kendall. Edwin Portillo was the producer.
Dec 10 – We went to The Hideaway Farm and you sang Rockin Around the Christmas Tree at the Johnny Cash Christmas Party accompanied by Kaye Gramble and Tyler Sumners on saxophone
Dec 11th we took you to see SHEL at 3rd and Lindsley
Dec 17 You attended a Christmas Tea Party at Daisy Schaplan’s house
Dec 21st you got your ears pierced at Lone Wolf tattoo in Franklin, TN. Jake pierced them and you had Presley go first.
Jan 2017 – You auditioned for The Sound of Music and got the roll of Brigitta J  (You wanted Maria, of course)

So baby…that was your last year in a nut shell.  Quite the year if you ask me.  I cannot wait to see what God has in store for the next one.  Kat, you are bright and gifted and kind and beautiful.  I would be lost without you.  One day, you will be here and I will be gone.  And when that day comes I pray that you remember that you are capable of EVERYTHING you are dreaming of. That Jesus lives in your heart and loves you in a great way.  And that making me a mommy, was the greatest gift anyone ever gave me.  It is a privilege, my sweet girl, to assist the Lord in raising you. 


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