Friday, February 10, 2017

Happy 8th Birthday Kat!

Dear Kat.  You are 8. 8!!!! I cannot believe it.  I am writing this about a month late because your birthday party was rescheduled due to SNOW.  Yes, this year we had quite a bit of snow in January.  Janet was here for your actual birthday and we did have some balloons and cupcakes and Mexican food ;) But your party was rescheduled.  So, it was yesterday. I am sitting in the floor in my bedroom writing this while Josie talks to herself next to me and you and Pres play a game.  This is my life.  It is fun and I love it.  So your birthday party was a lot of fun! We have Piph and Laila and Abigail and Eleanor and even Savannah was here!! Aunt Sissy and Savannah came for the weekend and Uncle Mike and Ms. Cristin came for one night and surprised you. We had a painting party and all the big kids painted a ballerina.  It was right up your alley.  You had a GREAT time and we even got a few big smiles out of you  ;)  We had chocolate cupcakes with caramel icing at your request and a cake that we decorated as a paint palette.  8.  That sounds like it should be little still but you seem so big for your age.  

You are SUCH a great kid Kat. You are smart and witty and silly and helpful.  You are VERY intuitive and careful, almost to a fault sometimes because it keeps you from having fun.  You read at a level well above your grade level, probably 6th grade.  And you love it. You told me recently that reading is the only time you don’t worry….so we keep a book in your sweet hand as much as possible.  You are taking private piano lessons as well as voice and you are in an acting class. You love all three. You and sissy are also taking Spanish and can both count to 20 and say your vowels and a few phrases after only three classes!! You love music. You sing songs from Taylor Swift and Patsy Cline. You love pink and blue. You love chocolate and salads.  You’re a wonderful sister to Presley and Josie.  

You have questions. Lots of questions.  Questions that a lot of 8 year olds aren’t even considering.  You don’t believe in Santa or the Easter bunny and you never have.  You do believe in Jesus and that is something you question quite a bit.  I remind you often that He made you just like you are and He does not make mistakes.  

You are playing Bach’s Minuet on the Piano, a very advanced piece and you have worked hard on it.  You love Barbie and “real people” movies and your sisters. You have figured out that I need you and you need me and even though you would rather not admit it, I am right quite a bit ;)  I would be lost without you.  Daddy is your whole heart.  And you share a piece of it sometimes with  Janet and Uncle Brett. They are your people.  Your best friend is Presley. You love her like she is a piece of you. It is a blessing to witness.  Your favorite movie is Big Hero 6 and you love Taylor Swift, Adelle and Francesca.  You are a little mama to Josie. She loves you best.  

Happy 8th birthday baby.  Time if flying by. I am honored I get to watch you grow and assist Jesus in raising you.  You are a blessing to all who know you and I love you bigger than the sky. Don’t forget. Mama 

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