Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Birthday.

My girls nap at different times of the day.  Presley is not quite old enough to make it on one nap just yet.  As frustrating as that is some days, most of the time I love it.  I get one on one with both of them everyday, they need it and so do I.  The other day Presley was down and Scooter and I were sitting at the bar listening to music while she had her "snack".  All food at my house is a snack and most of it comes in a bowl.  I am not sure how that happened, but it did and we just go with it.  In reality she was eating breakfast. 

So there we sit, listening to Taylor Swift and hanging out together and she smiles at me with her big blue eyes and her misplaced dimples and whispers something that I did not quite catch.  But what I did get is that she was asking for something that she really wanted and was not sure if she could have or not.  So she was doing that thing that kids do where they ask for it as sweetly as possible hoping that their charm will get them what they want.  And why not? It usually works right!? So I asked her to repeat herself, this time, a little louder but just as sweetly with just as big of a smile she whispers, "mama, I want a birthday".  I pretty sure my heart skipped a beat.  It was precious.  Not just what she asked for but the way she asked it.  I smiled back at her and said, "Scooter, it's not your birthday baby".  She's not old enough to really understand that yet so she continued, "mama, please can I have a birthday". 

I couldn't take it!  I went out and bought streamers, a pinata, a cake, some candles, some goody bags and invited over the neighbors! Not really.  But truthfully I considered it.  I mean why not right!? Who does not want a birthday?  Okay, aging aside, birthdays are pretty awesome if you do it right.  My family always said that my birthdays lasted at least couple of weeks, and in my twenties I think they did.  Kids are smart.  I mean why ask for a cookie, or a movie, or a toy?  Why not ask for an entire day to revolve around you!?  A day where you get to eat what you want (within reason ;)), you get presents, you get friends to celebrate with you, and sometimes it includes awesome things like go carts or skating or some big blow up toy you jump in! 

Amazing.  It blew me away that she even thought of it.  A birthday.  I want a birthday too.  I want a day that revolves around me. I want to sleep late, go get a pedicure, take a nap, dinner at my favorite restaurant and all of my friends to come celebrate ME with me! Don't you!? Oh my sweet Scooter.  I sat there for a second and thought about it, and then I said to her Scooter, I know someone you can call that will give you a birthday baby.  We called my mom and dad.  Big answered and Scooter said "Big, I want a birthday" and in true Big fashion he said "baby I'll give you a birthday".  And I have no doubt that next time they see her, she'll get a birthday of sorts.  It may not include the song, but there will be yummy things to eat and presents, you can bank on that.  I hope you have a great weekend friends, and that one day soon you get a "birthday";).

Love and Blessings,

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