Friday, July 23, 2010

Groundhog Day.

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It's Friday.  I love Fridays.  I know I have said that before, but I can't help but repeat it I LOVE FRIDAYS!!  This Friday is especially wonderful because I am on the verge of a small, but much needed breakdown and daddy being home will buffer my sweet children from the wrath that is mama. 

I don't pretend to have this mama thing figured out, not for a minute.  And just when I think I am getting the hang of it I do something really stupid like take away a paci or attempt to potty train.  BAM! There I am, back in the kiddie pool with my swimmies on just trying to stay afloat.  I mean seriously, there is absolutely NO WAY to have a normal life, day, morning, moment, when you are raising kids because you never know what to expect.  Walk out of the room, they eat a crayon.  Let'em play outside, they try to drown each other.  Put'em in the bath, one of them poops in the floor while the tubs filling up.  Feed them lunch, inevitably someone chokes or bites their tongue.  It's like that all day, all of the time.  You know what I am talking about don't you?  And if you are like me, usually you laugh and take it in stride.  Don't cry over spilt milk (or at my house water) right!?

But every now and then there comes THAT day.  The day where one of them poops in the floor while the other one simultaneously almost drowns in the tub.  The day where they don't nap for you, but then they cry all day because they are tired.  The day where you have to remind yourself exactly what you were thinking when you decided to get pregnant and realize that the second time must have been a fluke because there was NO WAY you did that on purpose twice! Have you ever seen the movie "Groundhog Day"?  Yeah, well that's me since Tuesday having THAT day.  So I am asking for prayer friends.  Thank you and have a blessed day.

Just kidding.  Actually I am sitting here chatting with you while drinking a GIANT cup of mint tea and listening to classical music, and I will say that this was not part of yesterday, so things are looking up!  Oh man do I love my life. Every single moment of it, even the ones with poop and CPR, are absolutely wonderful.  Days like this make me miss my sister, she is funny and she and I can laugh at just about anything, which was actually a much needed survival skill growing up (just kidding mom and dad) ;). 
Whoops...there goes my baby girl, payback for my mean joke I guess.  BRB.

Okay so anyway, where was I? Oh yeah I was talking about my sister.  Anyway, if you don't know her, you need to, she's a riot and I am pretty sure I would have lost my mind years ago if not for her following me around and picking it up from where ever I left it last. 

So, again, it's Friday.  Doc comes home this evening and all will be right at the Hall house for a few days.  Scooter loves her daddy more than she loves ice cream.  And that's a lot.  He just makes her day better by being in the same house with her!  I know how she feels, I don't blame her a bit for picking him as her favorite, heck, he's mine!  He has to mow the lawn this weekend, poor guy, but at least he'll be home with us.  I have no idea what else we will do, but I sure hope a nap is part of it because we have both earned one. 

Well friends, I have a screaming one year old I have been ignoring (don't tell anyone) so I must go!!  Leave it to the teething baby to put a damper on your 7 minutes of heaven.  That's okay, my cup is empty as are my arms, may as well go fill one of them.  Have a wonderful weekend friends.  Thanks for listening! ;)


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