Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Holiday For Who!?

Hello Friends,

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend full of BBQ and sun and fireworks!! We spent the weekend in Alabama with Doc's family and had a great time. 

We got home last night and unpacked, washed the truck (my new truck by the way) and watered the flowers.  After it was all said and done, we both sat on the couch a looked at each other exhausted and I thought, "I wonder why they call this a holiday weekend?" Webster's defines a holiday as: a time or period of exemption from any requirement, duty, assessment, etc.  I mean a holiday is supposed to be relaxing.  You are supposed to come home from a holiday rested and recharged right!?  It is a period of exemption from ANY REQUIREMENT and yet I was EXHAUSTED!! I spent Friday packing the entire family, Friday night riding in the car with two toddlers and unpacking.  Saturday morning packing the truck and riding in the car with two toddlers, Saturday afternoon unpacking (are you tired yet?  because I am not done) Sunday afternoon packing and riding in the car with two toddlers, Sunday evening unpacking, Monday morning packing and riding the car with two toddlers and Monday evening unpacking, washing clothes, watering flowers, washing the truck and putting the kids to bed. Seriously.  This was my "holiday".  Some people sign up for beach weekend, we felt like we had signed up for a UFC weekend.

Doc and I looked at each other and just laughed in amazement of how we obviously have zero regard for our health and need for relaxation!  Don't get me wrong friends, it was fun, but a holiday it was NOT!  So last night I laid in bed and dreamt of a holiday.  A real holiday.  One with ten hours of sleep a night and room service.  A holiday with one butt to wipe and that's the one God gave me. A holiday where the only food that I get on my clothes is what misses my own mouth.  A holiday without lawn mowers, whiny kids, pacifiers, lap tops, cell phones or dirty dishes.  A holiday where Doc and I eat at the same time, both sitting down, both while the food is hot (I know, I know I am getting carried away here but it sure is fun!).

I drifted off to sleep thinking of how wonderful a real holiday would be only to be startled awake a few hours later by a sweet, blue eyed, bald baby girl that needed her mama and I thought to myself, who am I fooling...holidays are overrated.  The truth is we would get to paradise and about 60 hours in we would be missing our girls more than we could bare because that's what it's about, our family.  And they are our family.  Without them, it just doesn't feel right.  Do I want a holiday? Yep!  Will I get one any time soon? I think I just might.  Will I go on a ten day cruise? Absolutely not! But three days with my husband in DC would be nice! ;-) I hope you had a great weekend friends, holiday or not!! ;)


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