Monday, July 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home.

Life is funny, when your up, it always tends to bring you back to reality and when your down, it always gives you something to lift your spirits.  Maybe I should have said that God is funny.  He is the One that is paving our way, we are just walking along His path.  We have had quite a year.  Franklin TN has basically, for all intensive purposes, kicked our butts.  July 15th will be our one year anniversary as TN residents, and too be completely honest, for about 10 months of it I just wanted to go home.  But recently, TN has started to grow on me.  It feels a little more like home everyday.  We have been blessed with a wonderful church, a successful practice, new friends, healthy little girls, and a supportive family.  Those are the things that have kept us moving forward despite the bumps and bruises along the way.  Sure, there have been times (many of them) when I have sat and begged Doc to just take me back to ATL and there have been times that he has almost obliged.  But, it was in those times that we found strength in our Lord and kept our eyes on Him and what He wanted.  Sure enough we came out on the other side of things better and happier for it. 

I still miss home.  I am missing out on so much.  My Nana is not well, and I don't get to see her near enough.  I sit here knowing that her days are limited and I am probably going to miss her last few because I am too far away.  I am missing my sweet girls Savannah and Ryan growing up.  Neither of them will know me like I want them too until they are big enough to really remember.  But, I look forward to summers with them running around on our land and playing with my girls and know that will all come in time.  I miss my girls getting to spend time with their cousins, Scooter loves them SO much and has such a good time with them.  I miss my mom and dad.  I have not seen my dad or my brother in two months, that is by far the longest I have ever gone without seeing them and truthfully, it sucks. 

It's hard to be away,  but at the same time, I love my new home.  I love our church, I love the house we live in and the land, I love that it is slower paced and has less traffic.  I know that we picked the right home for our girls.  It does make me a little sad that they will be TN girls because I always thought I would be raising GA girls.  But, that's okay, TN is not so bad after all.  I think I am going to like it here and it's a good thing because it looks like we are staying.  ;)

Have a great week my friends! I know I will, I am going to ATL in three days!! ;) 
Love you all!

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