Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day

Saturdays....these are my favorite! Saturdays at our house are the day that daddy is home ALL day. Scooter is beside herself on days like these. It is 2:00 PM and we have already been to the park and worn them both out. They have been sleeping for at least 2 hours! Doc is out getting goats milk, so I decided to say hello. I am just sitting in this house, with complete silence with exception of the noise that it makes when I type. You don't get complete silence very often once you have kids, nor do you appreciate it near enough before you have them. As a stay at home mom I assure you that silence is welcomed and celebrated.

My kitchen needs cleaned, the laundry needs to be caught up, and both of my kids need a bath but all of that can wait. Today we will play and laugh and enjoy our time together. It is Memorial Day weekend, and like so many other families we will use this weekend as a time for relaxation and celebration. But while I am sitting here I am thinking of the families that are not together, that are sacrificing this weekend, like many others, so that I can take my babies to the park. The amazing men and women that fight for and that have died for this great country. To you I say bless you and thank you.

I think about the parents, the ones that have lost their children in the fight for our freedom. How gracious it is that they have given their sons and daughters for our freedom here on earth just as our God gave His son for our freedom in eternity. What an amazing sacrifice! I am sure that I do not acknowledge that near enough and I am sorry for that.

You don't really think about what it takes to have a country like ours with the freedoms that we have. Day to day we just eat and shop and work and spend our own money and worry about our families. I assure you that I do not often think about the sacrifices that must be made for these "simple pleasures" that we call life. There are families that have not seen their child, their dad, their mom, their wife, their husband, for over a year. They have missed births, deaths, Christmas, anniversaries, marriages, and birthdays. They have been up for days running on little water and food risking their lives for our freedom while we sleep in late and wake up to pancakes and hot coffee.

I thank God for all of you. I thank Him for your strength and courage. I thank you for doing the unimaginable so that I can have free speech, marry the man of my dreams and praise MY GOD. There is no way to repay you the debt that we owe you and your families, but I am sure that there is a special place in heaven for all of you. God Bless you and God Bless the USA.

We love you Kruegers!!!

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