Friday, May 21, 2010

Reaching the hedges.

Hello friends, Oh how I have missed you!! We have been so very busy here at the Hall home in good ole Franklin TN. The weekend was wonderful with all four of us home for the first time in a while. Lots of time with daddy for the girls, we loved it!! We spent Saturday morning at the Loveless Cafe and Saturday afternoon was spent napping and doing yard work. Okay, I admit it, I was doing more napping than yard work. Truthfully, I don't do yard work. Yard work for me is right up there with lists. I hate it. But, like lists, I have accepted that it must be done, there is no way around it and therefore I married a man that will do it for me ;). What can I say? I know how to pickem'.

Poor Scooter, she is terrified of all lawn maintenance appliances. Is that what they are called? Appliances? You know, mowers, weed eaters, hedge trimmers, blowers. Okay so, Sunday we went to The Home Depot. Obviously, again not striving for the Parent of the Year award, I sent Scooter in with her daddy to buy a blower and a hedge trimmer. I know, I know, I really did not think this one through. There I sat in the car with sleeping Presley, and out comes Doc with Scooter. Apparently, she was not even able to make it down the blower isle so he had to bring her back to the car to finish shopping.

So I am standing there buckling our traumatized two year old into her seat, assuring her that everything is okay and there is no reason to be scared of the 200 blowers that we just exposed her too in the world of terror that we call The Home Depot, and Doc is telling me about our choices. You know the drill. Some you plug in, some you don't, some are 50 dollars some are 300. A 300 dollar blower? I don't think so folks. Anyway, you get my point. So I laugh and I tell him, "don't get the ones that you PLUG IN, I encouraged him to spend the extra 30 bucks and just buy decent NOT ELECTRIC appliances. I mean after all he will probably be blowing leaves and trimming hedges for a few more years seeing as we can not afford to hire a lawn man and unless a certain really hot place gets really cold, I am not doing either.

So I sit and wait and wait and wait while imagining my sweet, frugal, thoughtful husband standing there deliberating over which blower and hedge trimmer to buy and how much they cost. Finally, out he comes, I pop the trunk he puts them in quickly so as not to put Scooter through anymore horror and off we go. A few minutes later I ask what he got. He proceeds to tell me that he did in fact buy a blower as well as a hedge trimmer. Awesome! Now he can do everything he needs to do to maintain this massive yard that is not ours for the next year. Then he says, "I did get the ones that you plug in". I laughed and looked at him knowing full well he was kidding. You see where this is going don't you? Yes, he bought the blower AND the hedge trimmer that you plug in. It took him a few minutes to assure me that he was not kidding. I looked at him like he was nuts and said, "How do you expect it to reach all of the hedges on the property". He replied, "I bought 200 feet of extension cord". And there you have it friends.

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